Keep track of your toons

I decided to build this website as a method to keep track of all my CoH characters. With so many alts and new ideas coming to mind practically every day, it became hard to remember every character I had build or wanted to build.

It started out as a simple spreadsheet where I noted the name, archetype and powersets of my characters. But at some point it started to include a character's secret ID, origin, alignment, group affiliation and biography. Later the sheet included some formulas to count each archetype, origin, play style and more. The sheet became to complex to maintain properly so I decided to convert it to a database and build a website around it for easy maintenance.

This site is the result... (^-^)

The game's resurrection

When in 2012 City of Heroes was shutdown its community was, for lack of a better word, emotional. Most people were angry, some were just really sad, but none found joy in the insane and unjust action taken by the game's publisher. Nobody understood why and no real explanation was ever given.

However, the community was not ready to give up on their beloved game without a proper fight. And so they rallied together and came up with ideas to somehow keep their game alive. Then in 2019 a single news item stirred up the community tremendously. Somebody managed to run a private game server for 6 years! With this news quickly gaining traction efforts were made to start working on a cluster of servers so more people would be able to return to Paragon City.