Dennis Driessen

Drummer – Percussionist – Musician – Producer

So, you found your way to my website? Great! 😀

My name, obviously, is Dennis. And I love making music in the simplest ways. But for the most part I love drumming. And I’ve been active as a drummer since 2000. I started out in a small drumline and after several years joined an orchestra. This orchestra played a wide variety of music so I was introduced to all kinds of genres. I played classical pieces, jazz, modern pop music, musical and film soundtracks. This helped me develop my technique greatly.

Then after nearly 10 years I had to quit. But not for long. Within a few years I joined a choir. A choir that already had musicians with outstanding qualities. A choir that was used to performing different styles of music. And so I found a new home for my drumming skills. I’m still playing with them and enjoying every minute of it.

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