Who am I?

My name is Dennis Driessen.

I am a drummer, percussionist and producer. I’m not on tour but I do play with an awesome band!

I got interested in playing music at a young age. My grandmother gave me piano lessons when I was but 6 years of age and my parents encouraged me to continue exploring my talents by providing the necessary instruments. My dad played guitar and I played on a small keyboard. Together we played music from The Beatles. When I was about 11 years old I took professional lessons to increase my knowledge of music and expand my technique on the keyboard. And at 20 I decided to replace my keyboard with a drumset. I joined a marching band and started lessons for drumming.

Now, 18 years later, I consider myself a semi-professional drummer with enough knowledge and experience to handle nearly any genre of music.

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What I do!

I’m currently playing with a professional band that accompanies a large choir / vocal group. Our current band roster consists of a guitarist, a bassist, two pianists and myself.

I’m also working on a private music project that allows me to write and produce my own songs. (Although that’s still in an early stage)

Once in a while I get invited to participate in other projects of various run times. I’ve had a chance to be part of a Dutch production of the musical “Cats” (Andrew Lloyd Webber). An experience I will never forget.


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